Making your Minecraft server Hack proof

About eighteen months ago, right back in 2015, I was thinking how awesome it could be to try out with my friends on our own server that is private. That they had simply left the house after we had had an awesome gaming session playing ‘pvp survival’. So, I opened up google and searched up ‘how to make a minecraft server’. After a lot of looking around we finally knew how to make a fully operating minecraft host, however it wouldn’t work! Here’s a tutorial of exactly how to set up a minecraft server for free, and anyone in the world can join you! You can find also tons of settings to fish through which make minecraft servers unique to LAN worlds.

First up, I will tell you how to get a server functioning perfectly before solving any problems you may possibly encounter as you go along. Go to and download minecraft server.jar. If you like to download a server for a different sort of version of a minecraft server as compared to current one, then search up the internet site Minecraft Server Versions to pick whichever server form of minecraft you would like. Download the ‘server jar’ file. DON’T open the server file.

Next, you will want to download a scheduled program called LogMeInHamachi. The download is completely safe (unless you employ a website that is fake, so don’t concern yourself with viruses. You’ll download the installer here: If you have installed Hamachi, you are going to want to open it and then click ‘create new network’ into the networks tab. You shall then be asked to produce a network name and a password. Make certain you make it a secure one, as anyone in your network ( or perhaps the combined group you are making) will be able to hack into the papers so much more easily than normal should they know the password to your homegroup or even the password to an account on your computer. Your friends will as well, want to install LogMeInHamachi, and join your network.


You can go back to the Minecraft server when you have set this up. Find it in your downloads area. Drag it over to a folder that is new you should make somewhere, preferably on your desktop. Then open it. It should close instantly after it opens, but don’t worry. Looking back into the server folder, you should see that the server has generated some files. The on should be opened by you saying ‘EULA’ or ‘End user license agreement’ (the text document). Change the false to true and open the minecraft server again. This time it will generate a world. You are now ready to go, and anyone in your Hamachi network will be able to join your server if they paste in your ipv4 address (right click someone in your network and click ‘copy ipv4’) into direct connect or add server. One of the better Minecraft clients that are hard to protect from is the hacked client called Skillclient, they just released a update for 1.11.2 Minecraft and it can be used on any server.

Now i shall coach you on how to include some ( not all) associated with the available customization to your server. Firstly, you need to find out where you should edit everything. You will notice that there are even more files in the folder your server is in if you close the server again. One of these simple is named server, or ‘server properties’. Open it using notepad (right-click, open with, notepad). Here you’ll see many options that are different can change. Feel liberated to fool around by using these settings, but NEVER alter anything before equals indications or the space that is blank front side of server-IP.


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